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The Thinkery Network

Who we are

This is not one of those traditional social network thingies; it’s an interest network, where people come together around a shared interest. Here, the interest is thinking –– being thoughtful about ourselves, each other, and the world around us. We know that life is better when we switch off the brain's autopilot.

Why you should join us

It's free, and it's worth every penny. Wait — scratch that. It's free, and it's invaluable. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you!

  • You will belong to a respectful community that is safe and fun. We work hard to keep trolls in caves, where they belong.
  • You will engage in deep conversations about what really matters. We’ll be mildly interested in what you’re having for dinner, but we’ll be fascinated by your view on cosmic pluralism!
  • You will be challenged to think about new things and in new ways. We enjoy teasing brains and blowing minds.
  • You will connect with people who live near you, who care about the same things, or who sing the same part in the choir (rehearsal is at 7:30).
  • You will gain access to tools to act more thoughtfully in your daily life. Who couldn’t benefit from having a “thinking coach” on retainer?
  • You will be invited to courses and free events. If we like each other this much online, just imagine how fabulous we’ll be in person!
  • You will be appreciated for the unique contribution you make. No one else on earth has the same combination of interests, experiences, perspectives, and knowledge as you. Don’t make us beg, but we kinda need you.

Every time someone joins The Thinkery Network, it becomes a better place.

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